Is translation expertise really necessary?

The English writer Anthony Burgess once said that “translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture”.

This is to say that translation is a very complex and tricky process which cannot be handled efficiently by the inexperienced, nor by machines that cannot discern certain subtleties of language, such as awkward word choices, cultural connotations, imperfect grammar, idiomatic phrases, etc.

It is also worth noting that the translation process is as fascinating as it is time-consuming. Accordingly, delegating your translation project to us will enable you to concentrate on your own business, leaving the linguistic details to us without wasting your time.

Field of expertise

Onana Translation Agency is composed of native, talented and highly qualified translators endowed with unique language and analytical skills.

As such, we cover a wide array of bespoke language services ranging from business to legal translation.

According to our core values and best practices, we ensure accuracy and consistency throughout the translation process, while conducting an in-depth assessment of your business and legal documents.

To streamline the translation process, we therefore strongly advise you to share high-caliber source material to work from, which will be crucial for the success of your translation project.

Onana Translation Agency is proud to be among the few companies which still offer 100% human translations and exclusively rely on the language expertise of their team.

Our core mission is indeed to deliver top-notch certified translations that will help you engage all sorts of legal and administrative procedures before the public authorities and judicial bodies in a smooth and effortless way.

Think Out of the Box

Reinvent yourself continuously and break your language barriers to stand out from your competitors.
With this in mind, we can help you craft a multilingual business model which will be essential to conquering new markets abroad. As native speakers, our translators have the mastery of linguistic and cultural nuances to make your content sound like it was written in the target language – not just translated.

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