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Onana Translation Agency is a leading language service provider composed of highly effective and qualified translators.

We offer a wide array of expert language services including certified translations, proofreading and localization for corporations, law firms and individuals mostly in France, Italy and Luxembourg.

We only cover three languages such as Italian, French, and English to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction and live up to our promise of an impeccable service.

Our team is indeed fully committed to translating your materials expertly so that you can communicate effectively, market with precision, expand your client base and better promote your brand or products worldwide.


Onana Translation Agency is composed of native and talented translators endowed with excellent language and analytical skills.

As such, we are committed to delivering top-notch translations whatever your business needs.

We therefore strongly advise you to share high-caliber source material to work from, to streamline the translation process and ensure your full satisfaction.

Onana Translation Agency is proud to stand out among the few companies which still offer 100% human translations.

This entails that we greatly value consistency and reliability, which underlie the translation process and foster trust relations.

The prompt delivery of our certified translations will eventually help you meet the legal requirements laid down by the public authorities and judicial bodies, and engage contentious and non-contentious proceedings in a smooth and effortless way.

Get your certified translations!

As a court-approved translator and interpreter, Dario Onana is entitled to provide you with certified translation services which will fully meet your business needs.

Upon request, you will receive a certified translation which bears the seal and signature of a sworn translator attesting that the translation corresponds to the document in the source language.

Translation requires Accuracy

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Language Coverage

French 100%
Italian 100%
English 100%


How to receive a quote for my translation project?

Please click on the button “Get a Free Quote”, fill in the form, and submit your translation project.

How to be sure that it is a reliable translation agency?

All of our translators are highly qualified language experts. For transparency purposes, we have decided to showcase the background of our freelance translators on the website.

What is a certified/sworn translation?

A “certified translation” (often called “sworn translation”) is an official document endorsed by the signature and seal of a Sworn Translator who is accredited by the Court. Such a document has full legal value before the Ministry of Justice and French or foreign administrative authorities.

However, in certain foreign countries, further steps, beyond a certified translation, may be requested. These may include an apostil or legalization through the Chambre of Commerce and Industry (CCI).

Are my documents covered by professional confidentiality?

Yes, they are. We guarantee confidentiality of all documents exchanged pursuant to GDPR. Nobody but our team is entitled to handle the translation project that you have submitted for business purposes.

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